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Generative AI

Examples of AI Tools Artificial Intelligence in Teaching and Learning University of Bolton Library at The University of Bolton

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Aftab Hussain on LinkedIn: Data Labellers within the education sector

educational chatbot examples

You can repeat this process as needed to generate more ideas or explore different aspects of your topic. Educators say there is agreement at least on some of the most pressing challenges. Within working hours, the user can be forwarded directly to the live chat.

Not only are chatbots are a great way to engage with students for academia, but for campus life as well. When they tried Wilhelm, a chatbot AI, their retention rate went up by 4%. Also, 85% of the students that used the chatbot gave it favourable ratings.

A WhatsApp chatbot that can help teachers in the world’s most remote schools

I prefer to speak to the Chatbot, but I know other students prefer to type. As well as consultation from OU students, Disability Support Staff have advised educational experts to identify challenges and provide solutions that disabled students are faced with, in the process of disclosing their information. The University has implemented a virtual cognitive assistant which supports students with day-to-day enquiries about the university and life on the campus.

educational chatbot examples

The service also supports students with their enquiries about course content. Research shows that some people even prefer interacting with chatbots rather than human therapists because there is less stigma in asking for help2. They offer a convenient and discreet way to get help with your mental health issues, like generalized anxiety disorder, depression, stress, and addiction.

Unleashing the Power of Chat GPT in Education!

Any editorial help must be acknowledged at the beginning of the work, and follow the guidance in the Academic Misconduct Procedures. Current government guidance for Civil Service employees offers an indication of the information security concerns surrounding the use of generative AI in the workplace. Students should be made aware explicitly that they remain wholly responsible for their outputs, regardless of whether the information and ideas contained within them are generated by AI. As generative AI cannot decide on, or be held accountable for, the truth of the information it reproduces, it can produce incorrect, biased and discriminatory responses. If you are unable to report a concern about content via this form please contact the Service Owner.

educational chatbot examples

With chatbots, you can use memes, GIFs, images, emojis, and other fun content to spice up your product recommendation system. Instead, a better option would be to add a chatbot to your website’s homepage. This chatbot can be designed to ask sales-oriented questions to your audience and guide them to and through the checkout process. As such, a chatbot, if designed to carry out the company’s refund and exchange policy, can certainly execute these tasks instead of customer support agents in your company.

Six potential ways to leverage AI

Dr Steve Watson is co-convener of the Faculty’s Knowledge, Power and Politics research cluster, and has used social systems theory to explore the meaning and communication of ChatGPT. Finally, the students were required to prepare and present a final presentation. Introducing effective safety rails, though, is going to present a considerable challenge to the sector.

This year we started to see how it could be used and how it might benefit schools on a day-to-day basis. Bromcom, then, has been a significant contributor to the UK education market, bringing contributions such as the first cloud-based parent portal in 2000, the first cloud MIS in 2010 and the first UK MIS to be powered by AI. These innovations have been followed by several awards, like the BETT Gold Award for Electronic Register in 1994, Queen’s Award in 2001 and, more recently the Magbuyte Award for Best Performing Company. While editor of the Harwich Standard in England he produced the title’s largest-ever edition in its 125-year history, launched a number of campaigns and significantly improved sales. I decided to post it on my LinkedIn profile with an image I’d grabbed from Google and no hashtags. I’m not prolific on LinkedIn so these impressions were about average; but it made me wonder if I could improve.

Alcohol education: A ground-breaking e-learning experience

A case study like this could be used to teach nursing students about bias and the limitations of AI, thereby improving their digital and health literacy. A chatbot called ChatGPT (version 3.5) was launched in November 2022 by a commercial company called OpenAI. GPT stands for generative pre-trained transformer, which is powered by a family of large language models. ChatGPT went viral in early 2023, with millions of users around the world (Dwivedi et al, 2023).

Texas A&M professor threatened to fail class for AI most didn’t use – The Washington Post

Texas A&M professor threatened to fail class for AI most didn’t use.

Posted: Thu, 18 May 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

This could be a starting point for a more formal strategy, or it could help leaders spotlight campus innovations. We’ve seen some great examples of how universities are using AI to democratise and personalise learning and teaching, as well as drastically increasing operational efficiency. We’ve also learned a good bit about what not educational chatbot examples to do when it comes to responding to the new availability of AI tools. “We need to start thinking about this now, not in the future, because students are already using it. The education system has got to catch up with what’s already happening,” said Mike Sharples, emeritus professor of educational technology at The Open University.

Meanwhile, through the use of natural language processing, Beacon can also recognise and respond to student questions on topics such as mental health and safeguarding. When a course team meets, the teachers can turn to their voice enabled chatbot and ask for the latest information on any student on their course. Teachers can ask the chatbot about recent attendance, reasons for absence, current and predicted academic performance, any learning support needs, upcoming exams and so much more. The technology that underpins a campus chatbot can also be used by teachers to assess students onliine. For example, a course team could create conversational tutorials; were the chatbot is used to ask closed and open ended questions on behalf of the course team.

  • Artificial intelligence can create assessments tailored to individual classes’ needs, perhaps even groups within the class.
  • In fact, a student could copy and paste an entire essay into ChatGPT and get fast and accurate feedback in a matter of minutes.
  • Students have been doing this already on the internet and with phone apps such as Siri, however, there is no longer a need to pour through search results.

Understandably, educators and students at schools and universities have been conflicted about the use of generative AI tools. Some institutions have tried to ban the use of ChatGPT on campus, fearing students would use it to write and submit essays that plagiarise other people’s work (Yang, 2023). “Finding new talent is challenging, so we are proud to support initiatives that provide technical learning paths for local talent.

Educational Chatbot for Engaging Blended Learning

When possible, institutions should also create avenues for leveraging AI capabilities safely, like developing AI chatbots with built-in guardrails. Compared to previous generations, today’s chatbots can now handle a lot more than basic inquiries with canned answers. Learning platform Coursera recently announced plans to release an AI-assisted course building feature to help instructors structure lesson plans and generate content based on readings and assignments they upload.

educational chatbot examples

This could make digital resources easier for students to listen to and understand, particularly those who have learning disabilities or are studying in a foreign language. The Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), the UK’s digital, data and technology agency that focuses on tertiary education, published a report on AI in education in 2022. JISC (2022) explains how AI could help improve educational chatbot examples different aspects of education for teaching staff and learners. As an example, AI could be used to create more adaptive digital learning platforms by analysing data from students who access educational material online. If students choose to read an article, watch a video or post on a discussion forum, this data could predict what kind of support and educational resources they need and like.

Just as with the internet, it’s difficult to predict now what this technology may lead to in a decade’s time. What is clear is students have been very quick to utilise these tools to support their school work. These could be questions about an open position, ambiguities in the application process or questions about the agreed interview meeting. For example, you can optimize your content strategy based on the questions and problems of your customers. You can analyze what exactly moves your customers and what problems they face.

What are some examples of chatbots?

  • Lyro customer support AI.
  • Kuki AI Companion.
  • Meena by Google.
  • BlenderBot by Facebook.
  • Rose AI Chatbot.
  • Replika: AI Friend.
  • Eviebot by Existor.
  • Tay by Microsoft.

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